Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stupid ad for Tron blocking Explosm.net

I'm a fan of Explosm.net, but their history with advertising has been nearly as colored as their comics.  At one point, they were blocked as a hazardous website due to a malware site being linked from their page.  I went there today looking at random comics, and saw the following:

You'd have to pay me a whole fuck-ton of money to let someone else block my content just to advertise their move.  The worst part is that it's blocking what I came there to see, but it's also hilariously poorly placed on the screen.  Why the hell would you make an ad that expands in size to block what the user wants to see, only to make it so poorly positioned that you can't read it?  Initially, the ad was small, and contained in a box, but just moving my mouse over it made it to expand into this fucking catastrophe.  I'm not sure who decided these ads were a good idea, but both the ads and the twisted mind behind them need to be shit-canned.

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