Saturday, December 4, 2010

F1r5t P057!

Yeah, I'd hate me for that title too.  Modern life has some nice things.  The internet is one of them.  So why do people have to go and fuck it up with stupid shit?  Why do some advertisers think it's a good idea to make ads that get in your way?  Why should accidentally mousing over something make it fill your screen?  Why do computer companies think it's OK to release bad drivers? (I'm glaring at you, Broadcom and ATI.)  Why are all these super advances in technology marred by ass-hattery?   Should I really have a Blockbuster Application that I can't uninstall on my new Droid 2 Global?  Should Verizon be able to shove that shit down my throat?

I can already tell that a few of you are going "Well, he just dropped a bunch of names.  I bet he got paid."  The truth is, I wish I got paid for this.  Maybe I will at some point.  But right now, if you see me dropping a name on this blog, it's likely to complain about the lack of vision and incredible intrusion they force on my life.  On rare occasions, I'll point to companies, websites, and other media that I like.  Usually it's because it's unobtrusive.  Today, we'll start out with my favorite web-comic. Jeph Jacques, the artist responsible for all of the awesome on really hits the nail on the head.  He has a couple of small banner ads on his page to pay his bills, and some of them are simply ads for things he himself sells.  None of this "OMG LOOK AT ME I POPPED UP AND BLOCKED THE CONTENT!" bullshit.  His comic is awesome, and his ads are unobtrusive.  Way to go Jeph! Keep up the awesome work!

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